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      Learning iOS Development: A Hands-on Tutorial Series
      Learning iOS Development: A Hands-on Tutorial Series This series of tutorials for iOS development is geared towards beginners who want to get started with iOS development. All the tutorials in the series are hand picked from various other Software Development Blogs. For beginners please go through the tutorials in the sequence as much as possible as some of later concepts builds on top of the earlier ones. Keep your learning very hands on, each of these tutorials generally have a sample project, download it, run it and review the code.
    • Reset iOS 8 Simulator
      NSUserDefaults does not clear out after app uninstall from the simulator in iOS8
      Issue : The NSUserDefault does not clear out even on App Uninstall in the simulator for Xcode 6/ ioS8. It does work correctly on the device. So just reset the simulator by the menu :  iOS Simulator -> Reset Content and Settings. See the following screenshot.
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      What is the size and resolution of iPhone6?
      The iPhone6 does come in 2 from factor. A) iPhone 6 SCREEN SIZE : 4.7 inch diagonally RESOLUTION – 1334×750 ~ 720p ~ 326 dpi LAUNCH IMAGE SIZE :  1334×750  px B) iPhone 6 Plus SCREEN SIZE : 5.5 inch diagonally RESOLUTION – 1920 × 1080 ~ 1080p ~ 401 dpi LAUNCH IMAGE SIZE :  2208 x 1242 px The launch image is greater then the screen resolution as iPhone 6 plus scales the image 3 times a 2208×1242 (with 736×414 points) and then samples it down.
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      Software Acronyms Quiz
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      Quiz – Test your Programming Know How
    • how to make text field secure ios
      How to make UITextField visibly secure in iOS?
      Visibly Secure UITextFields are needed for data entry of sensitive information like passwords, ssn , tax id etc. as entered by the user. In XCode,  Open the XIB where the Field is, Then select the Field and on the Right Side, click on the properties icon of the field and simple enable the checkbox that says Secure. Now when you run the application in Simulator or Device and enter something in that field, all the characters will be masked with * making it visibly secure for data entry.
    • clean-cache-firefox
      How to clean web cache in Firefox?
      Firefox caches web content once it downloads the html pages , images etc. to avoid downloading them, thus improving the browsing speed. At times during development when we make changes on the Server, we still don’t see the latest changes immediately as Firefox may be caching. In Other  we may want to test website performance and want to clear out any web cache. In any case, cleaning the Firefox cache is just couple of clicks. Go to Firefox Preferences and then to Advanced Tab, Then Network sub tab and Click on Clear Now. It’s easy as that.
    • safari enable web developer
      How to enable Web Developer Menu in Safari?
      The web developer menu provides very important set of tools for any web developer. To turn on the developer menu in Firefox do following steps. Go to Preferences Menu for Safari, Click on the Advanced Icon on the right, Select the checkbox : Show Develop Menu in menu bar. Once enabled a new menu Develop will show in the Safari browser.
    • finder goto folder mac
      How to go to a specific folder in Mac Finder?
      To open a specific folder in Mac, click on the Go Menu in the Finder and then click on the Go to Folder submenu. Then type or paste the full folder path and press Go. The shortcut for the same is :  Shift + Cmd + G.
    • mac system perf accessbility
      How to enable voice over in Mac?
      VoiceOver in Mac provides spoken and brailled descriptions of items on the Computer screen. To toggle VoiceOver on or off use the Cmd + F5 key combination. The following are the steps. Launch the System Preferences App via Spotlight. Click on Accessibility icon. Enable Voice Over by turning on the checkbox.
    • category-java-faq
      How to run the JVM in 64bit?
      The JDK  comes in both 32 bit and 64 bit flavors. 64 bit allows to address memory range > 3GB compared to 32 bit JVM’s. In order to run a JVM in 64 bit, add -d64 argument to the java command line in your shell script e.g. java_cmd_line=”java -d64 –Xms512m -Xmx6g  -cp $classpath $env_options” This will cause the JVM to run in 64bit mode. The -d64 option means to use the 64-bit version of the JVM. The JVM has three basic configurations: -client, -server (both for 32-bit JVMs) and -d64. In order to use -d64, you have to separately install [...]
    • mysql
      What is a materialized view?
      A “regular” view is a virtual table representing the result of a database query. Each time the view is accessed, the RDBMS must run the query to produce the result set for the view. A materialized view is similar to regular view, except that the results are stored into an actual database table, not a virtual one. The result set is effectively cached for a period of time. When the underlying data changes the view becomes stale. Because of this, materialized views must be frequently “refreshed” to bring them up-to-date. By caching result set data into a real table, the [...]