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Cannot Serialize the Session

At times in the application server logs we see this exception with the following details. <Could not deserialize session data. <package>.<className>        at<!

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How to delete files and folder in Mac?

Mac OSX keyboard does not have a dedicated delete key that is found in a PC keyboard. The delete key on the Mac keyboard is same as the backspace key in PC. So that will not work here. Generally after selecting the file to delete, one would do control click …

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How to allow multiple line text in EditText view in Android?

The EditText widget by default is single line. In order to allow mutiple lines modify and customize the widget definition in the layout file as below: <EditText    android:singleLine=”false” <!– The Default Value is true, change to false –>    android:lines=”8″ <!– The Height of Widget in terms of total Lines  –>    …

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What are the various HTML Entities?

HTML Entities HTML has some special reserved characters e.g. < , > etc. that have special meaning and thus cannot be used freely in the document. But what if we have to display an > or < in the page. For that we can use an corresponding Entity to tell …

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