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Practice Flowcharts for Beginining Programmers

The following is the list of flowcharts a beginning programmer can practice to help build logic development skills. 1) ¬†Write a program to print first N natural numbers 2) Write a program to compute sum of first N natural numbers. Ask the value of N from the user via command …

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Send SMS from App using Email to SMS Gateway

Want to send SMS to a mobile phone from your app. Don’t have an SMS API that you can use? We can Email to SMS Gateway approach instead. Basically almost all the telephone carries generally expose an Email to SMS service where in if you send an email to a …

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XNA Game Development Intro

The following are the links for introduction to game development using XNA. These set of vidoes will give a good overview of what it takes do develop a game using XNA Framework from Microsoft. XNA: Game Development Intro XNA: Game Development – Designing the Game XNA: Game Development – The …

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Game development in Python


The scripting language Python is easy to use, and thus very convenient to program simple games. And to make it even simpler, there one Python module which is dedicated to games creation: pygame. It makes you life much easier when programming a game as it takes care of the user …

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