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Send SMS from App using Email to SMS Gateway

Want to send SMS to a mobile phone from your app. Don’t have an SMS API that you can use? We can Email to SMS Gateway approach instead. Basically almost all the telephone carries generally expose an Email to SMS service where in if you send an email to a …

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What is CPNI?

What is CPNI? CPNI stands for Customer Proprietary Network Information. CPNI is confidential information about a customer’s purchase and use of telecommunications services, such as: •         Where, when, and with whom a call takes place (call detail records). •         The types and amount of telecom products and services a customer …

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What are the basic SQL commands?

Answer The following is the list of basic SQL commands for an database.    CREATE  – Creates a new table.    ALTER    – Modifies the definition (structure, data types, and so on) of an existing table.    DROP     – Permanently removes objects such as tables and fields.    INSERT   – …

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