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How to install CVS Server in Ubuntu?

CVS is a very popular version control system used by developers. The installation and setup is straight forward. For the installation you need to able to logged into the server via terminal and can sudo to root user in order to be able to install the required software packages. Installation …

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How to delete CVS folder in directory?

Solution One of common ways to start a project is make a duplicate copy of the project source folder. However if you are using CVS for source code managment, it would copy all the CVS related folder also which are no longer relevant to the new project. So in order …

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Working with a CVS Branch

Working on CVS Branches is as easy as working on the head, however it can be a little tricky first time. The following would help you get comfortable starting on working in a CVS branch. First of all checkout the branch with this command: cvs  checkout -r <branch-name> <project-module-name><!

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