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XNA Game Development Intro

The following are the links for introduction to game development using XNA. These set of vidoes will give a good overview of what it takes do develop a game using XNA Framework from Microsoft. XNA: Game Development Intro XNA: Game Development – Designing the Game XNA: Game Development – The …

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Game development in Python


The scripting language Python is easy to use, and thus very convenient to program simple games. And to make it even simpler, there one Python module which is dedicated to games creation: pygame. It makes you life much easier when programming a game as it takes care of the user …

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A StopWatch Game in Python


Project Build a simple digital stopwatch that keep track of the time in tenths of a second.  The stopwatch should contain “Start”, “Stop” and “Reset” buttons.  To help guide you through this project, we suggest that you download the provided program template for this project and build your stopwatch program …

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Guess the Number – Game in Python

Mini Project Practice Exercise in Python for Beginners. Create a Guess the Number game where in the computer One of the simplest two-player games is “Guess the number”. The first player thinks of a secret number in some known range while the second player attempts to guess the number. After …

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What are typcial frame rates for video or games?

Answer Frame Rate, also called as Refresh Rate defines the rate/frequency at which frames(picture) is displayed on the screen per second (fps). Common frame rates are 60 fps (NTSC video), 50 fps (PAL video), or 24 fps (film and movies). Modern display technologies, including LCDs. and the iPhone’s screen refreshes …

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