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Practice Flowcharts for Beginining Programmers

The following is the list of flowcharts a beginning programmer can practice to help build logic development skills. 1) ¬†Write a program to print first N natural numbers 2) Write a program to compute sum of first N natural numbers. Ask the value of N from the user via command …

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Comparison of Development Methodology


There are variety of well known and time tested software development methodology that exists today. Each one of has its pro and cons and particularly its more important is to understand what works for a given project and environment this needs to be get done in.

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Responsibilities of an Offshore Development Lead

Offshore Development has its own challenges that must be dealt with in order to be successful in an outsourcing initiative. The offshore development lead is the interface between On site and Offshore development teams. This is a vital role with comes up with the following responsibilities.

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Understanding Testing Design Methods

Black-box and white-box are two of important and classic testing methods. In Black-box testing the system is treated as a “black-box“, implying that test does not have any knowledge about the of the internal structure of subject (software under test). Black-box test design is usually described as tests focusing on …

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