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Understanding Testing Design Methods

Black-box and white-box are two of important and classic testing methods. In Black-box testing the system is treated as a “black-box“, implying that test does not have any knowledge about the of the internal structure of subject (software under test). Black-box test design is usually described as tests focusing on …

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Object Creation & Usage Tips

Creating objects consume time and resources, so optimization is required to make sure the performance of system is not impacted due to lot of unnecessary or temporary object creation. Similarly the correct usage of objects is equally important factor as it make a lot of difference as well. The following …

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10 Object Oriented Design Principles

Every now and then when I review code, I see developers write code that does not conform to the basis OO design principles and this eventually make it difficult to understand, maintain, extend blah blah….. Basically its just keeps on adding a layer of un-necessary complexity that you have to …

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