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What is the size and resolution of iPhone6?

The iPhone6 does come in 2 from factor. A) iPhone 6 SCREEN SIZE : 4.7 inch diagonally RESOLUTION – 1334×750 ~ 720p ~ 326 dpi LAUNCH IMAGE SIZE :  1334×750  px B) iPhone 6 Plus SCREEN SIZE : 5.5 inch diagonally RESOLUTION – 1920 × 1080 ~ 1080p ~ 401 dpi …

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How to make UITextField visibly secure in iOS?

how to make text field secure ios

Visibly Secure UITextFields are needed for data entry of sensitive information like passwords, ssn , tax id etc. as entered by the user. In XCode,  Open the XIB where the Field is, Then select the Field and on the Right Side, click on the properties icon of the field and …

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How to remove an app from Sale in Appstore?

Solution In order to remove you app from SALE, you would have to log into Itunes Connect and then do the following   1. Go to “Manage Your Applications” and select the app that you want to remove from SALE.   2. Click on the  “Rights and Pricing” Button. This …

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How to rename an XCode project?

Answer It is very common to start another project from an existing project instead of re-creating a new project from scratch. Or at times you decide to change the name of project as you found a better name for you app. In earlier version of XCode 3.x it was not …

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