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How can we not support iPhone5 4inch screen size?

With the launch of iPhone5( 4 inch screen), most likely developers will be supporting both 3.5 inch and 4.0 inch screen for a while till most of the users have an 4 inch screen. When you create a project in XCode 4.5 and above, it creates the project with iPhone5 …

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How to hide the Cocos2D frame rate display?

Cocos2D displays the frame rate i.e. the number of frames per second in the bottom left corner of screen when the scene is rendered. This is a very useful piece of information for debugging purposesbecause it allows you to see the frame rate your game realtime as it runs. The …

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How to setup CorePlot for iPhone Project?

The following Steps need to be performed to setup CorePlot for iOS 1. Copy the CorePlotHeaders to your Xcode project2. Copy libCorePlotCocoaTouch.a to your Xcode project3. Add to Other Linker Flags in your target build settings:-ObjC -all_load4. Add the QuartzCore framework to the project.5. Add a CPTGraph to your application. …

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