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Understanding Cocos2D CCNode?

/** CCNode is the main element. Anything thats gets drawn or contains things that get drawn is a CCNode. The most popular CCNodes are: CCScene, CCLayer, CCSprite, CCMenu.  The main features of a CCNode are: – They can contain other CCNode nodes (addChild, getChildByTag, removeChild, etc) – They can schedule periodic callback (schedule, unschedule, …

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When you transition scene in cocos2d what methods do get called?

The following three callback methods are called when one Scene is transitioned into another in Cocos2D. –(void) onEnter { // Called right after a node’s init method is called. // If using a CCTransitionScene: called when the transition begins. [super onEnter]; }   –(void) onEnterTransitionDidFinish { // Called right after …

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What is Apple Developer Program Support Contact Number?

Apple Developer Program telephone support is available worldwide to assist you with your inquiries. If you’ve enrolled in an Apple Developer Program and are contacting us about a program related question, please be prepared to provide our support advisors with your Team or Enrollment ID. Answer The following are telephone …

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