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iOS Snippets

How to send email from iPhone/iPad?

Send email from you iPhone/iPad app is easy. Simply use the MailComposerViewController to launch the main composer interface. The values for the mail related fields like Subject, Body etc. can be pre populated as well. Basic steps: Add MessageUI Framework to the Project -> Create the ViewController on send Email …

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Using NSUserDefaults to store Settings in iOS

´╗┐NSUserDefaults is one of simplest ways to store your configuration/settings of your iPhone/iPad application. You don’t have to create a plist or work with the file system, it encapsulates all of that. The value that is to be stored can be instance of  NSData, NSString, NSNumber, NSDate, NSArray, or NSDictionary. …

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How to find iPad Device Orientation?

In order to properly display/render you view, knowing the orientation of iPad is must. There are couple of ways to do so using the UIDevice API, Notification Center and Status Bar Orientation check. Choose the one the works for your situation.

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How to increase visibilty of your iOS Apps?

Use the Available on the App Store badge on your marketing materials to promote your app on the App Store. Learn more App Store Keywords Keywords are a powerful way for customers to search the App Store. Learn how to effectively use keywords to help customers discover your apps.<!

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