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Using Google Analytics in iPhone Application


This SDK provides developers with the capability to use Google Analytics to track iOS application usage. The SDK is packaged as a set of header files and a static library. Get started by adding the header files from the Library subdirectory (GAI.h, GAITracker.h, GAITransaction.h, and GAITransactionItem.h) and libGoogleAnalytics.a to your …

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Using NSError Explained

One of common ways for Error handling and error code propagation is the use of try/catch blocks to catch an exception and throw clause to throw an exception. Traditional programmers would prefer just to return an error code and description and not use these try/catch way of exception propagation. NSError …

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Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for XCode 4?


With the introduction of XCode 4, a lot of shortcuts have changed. There are a lot of shortcuts but its kind of difficult to remember all, esp. when you are new to XCode knowing the most common shortcuts will give you most bang for you buck. The following are the …

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iOS Fade in and Fade out View Effects


Building an iOS app without using any 2D framework like Cocos2D for graphics/animation implies that if you need to roll out  your code to achieve any simple animation effects. The good news is that with some simple code & basic understanding of the Animation and Sprites, these effects that can …

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