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Exception :switch case in protective scope (Objective C)

Exception :switch case in protective scope Code with Issue   case kTopicInteractiveScene:             TopicInteractiveBackgroundLayer *l = [[TopicInteractiveBackgroundLayeralloc] init];             ModelManager *mm = [ModelManagersharedModelManger];    = mm.appInfo.topics[[AppConfigManager  getInstance].currentTopic];             sceneToRun = [l node];             break; <!

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What are SMART Objectives?

Every software development company defines a way to evaluate the contribution and performance of a developer in order to provide bonus, promotions etc. Normally the developer is asked to define objectives for himself against which his success would measured. Then the developer’s manager would review and approve those objectives. Its …

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Creating MS Word Documents in iPhone using objective C

Question I have created a Rich Text Editor in UIWebview. My requirement is to save this text in .doc word file. How to achieve this. I am getting html content by using NSString *strWebText = [webView stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString:@”document.body.innerHTML”]; Now how can I proceed further to convert it in .doc format? Or …

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Singleton Example in Objective C?

Solution static MyManager *sharedManager = nil; +(MyManager*) sharedManager {         if (sharedManager == nil)         {                 sharedManager = [[MyManager alloc] init];                 }         return sharedManager; }[pb_builder]

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How to print NSDictionary in Objective C?

Solution NSDictionary *dict = nil; dict = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject: @"1" forKey: @"one"]; // method 1 for(NSString *key in dict) {    NSLog(@”key : %@”,key);    NSLog(@”value : %@”,[[dic valueForKey:key] string]); } // method 2 NSEnumerator *enu = [dict keyEnumerator]; for(NSString *key in enu) {         NSLog(@”key : %@”,key);         NSLog(@”value : %@”,[[dic valueForKey:key] string]);  }

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