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The Appstore is launching in 32 new territories- June 2012

The Appstore is launching in 32 new territories to the App Store as of June 2012. These markets may not big as of yet but definitely will add more to revenue stream. Make sure to agree to latest IOS agreement before this can active. Albania Benin Bhutan Burkina Faso Cambodia …

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iTunes Connect changes June 2012

Itunes Connect changes (June 2012) App and In-App Catalog Reports Now Available Catalog reports provide you with extended information for all of your apps and In-App Purchases. To view and generate reports, go to the Catalog Reports module on iTunes Connect. New reports can be generated only once every 24 …

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How to save an NSArray into Plist with a Key?

Saving an NSArray with a Key into PList is easy. You can start with a NSMutableDictionary and add each array as an entry with a key. Finally save into file. +(void) saveArrayIntoPlist:(NSArray*)aArray withKey:(NSString*)arrayKey {        CCLOG(@”savePhotoIdArrayToDoc”);    NSString *docDir = [NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES) objectAtIndex:0];    NSString *filePath = [NSStringstringWithFormat:@”%@/info.plist”, docDir];        NSMutableDictionary …

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How to setup CorePlot for iPhone Project?

The following Steps need to be performed to setup CorePlot for iOS 1. Copy the CorePlotHeaders to your Xcode project2. Copy libCorePlotCocoaTouch.a to your Xcode project3. Add to Other Linker Flags in your target build settings:-ObjC -all_load4. Add the QuartzCore framework to the project.5. Add a CPTGraph to your application. …

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