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Java FAQ

Comparator for Primitive Types in Java

/** * Collected methods which allow easy implementation of equals. Example use case in a class called Car: * public boolean equals(Object that)  {         if (this == that)                 return true;         if (!(that instanceof Car)) …

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What is Static Classloading in Java?

The JVM creates class loaders that loads the classes as required during program execution. Whenever a class that is declared with the new keyword in the code, that class will be statically loaded by the JVM and is referred to as Static Class Loading. In other words the JVM already …

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What are the benefits of using Java?

The main benefits of using Java are: Java is a Object Oriented Language, as such all feature and benefits for 00 can be leverage to write better code. Java has wide spread adoption and support in the industry.  It was started by Sun and now taken over by Oracle. Java …

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Major Changes in JDK7

JDK 7.0 is would be released to the general public some time soon. Developers can try milestone version now. The 4 major changes in the JDK 7 from a programming perspective are: Ability to use underscores in numerals. Ability to use Diamond syntax with collections + generics. Ability to use …

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