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Java FAQ

What are the various utilities provided by JDK?

The following are the command line utilities provided with the Sun JDK. javac The Java compiler. Converts Java source code into bytecodes. java     The Java interpreter. Executes Java application bytecodes directly from class files. appletviewer     A Java interpreter that executes Java applet classes hosted by HTML files. javadoc …

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Is SOAP specific to any platform, vendor or programming language?

SOAP is not tied to any vendor, platform or programming language. SOAP is supported by array of vendors including Sun,Oracle,Microsoft and many more. It available on all most all the OS platforms including Windows, Unix, Linux and more. Similarly these days SOAP implementations are available in almost of the mainstream …

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How to find the calling class in Java?

Here is a simple snippet to find out the calling Java Class. Class.forName(new Throwable().getStackTrace()[2].getClassName())); Basically it create a exception object (Throwable in this case), then get the Stack Trace associated witht he thread so far. Since the stack trace if FIFO, the Calling classes would have called this current class …

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What is Java HotSpot?

Java class files are compiled into generic bytecodes with are platform independent due to which it exceution is slow as compared to language say C with creates machine specific code. Recently with improvements in compiler design Java execution speed has gone up. The Hotspot technology introduced in J2SE 1.3 enables …

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