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Java Tutorials

How to construct DOM and convert to XML?

  Constructing DOM (Document Object Model) to generate or represent XML is easy. The basic steps are as follows > Create the XML Document  object using the Document Builder Factory. >Build your model by adding nodes and attributes etc. in the hierarchical order > Once done, transform your XML Document …

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Understanding Java Classloaders

Java Classloader

When a program is launched by the JVM via the main(String args[]) method, the JVM loads the main Class and then all the classes that are referenced from there on. This is done via the help for Classloaders. Interesting there are a variety of classloaders that are created by the …

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Build a simple Stop Watch Timer


At times we need to know how much time is taken to do a Task? This task can be any unit of work e.g. a method, a few lines of code, a long running code etc. This can be helpful to understand time taken to do a Task and tune …

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How to extract a zipped file using Java?

Building a Zip utility like Winzip is easy in Java, similarly building a unzip tool is easy too,  thanks to package. Basically in this case we need to open a ZipInputStream to reference the zipped file that we want to extract. Then loop through all the ZipEntry defined in …

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How to zip folder using Java?

Building a utility like Winzip is easy in Java, thanks to package. Basically we need to open a ZipOutputStream which is created on top of FileOutputStream, then loop through all the files in the folder. While looping, get the handle each of the file using FileInputStream and create a …

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