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Comono Downloads

Livrona Comono Binary Downloads Compiled comono framework library. Source code for Examples based on Comono Framework. Java Docs for Framework API and Examples. Version 0.9.0 – v9.0 Released 02 Nov 2008 Download: livrona-comono-0.9.0.tar.gz [pb_builder]

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Comono News

News & Latest The following list the change history for Comono Framework. v0.9 (02 Nov 2008) – Project renamed from Commons to Comono. Updated samples and revised logging. v0.8 (30 Sept 2007) – Revised packages and distribution format & Bug Fixes v0.7 – Additon of Ant Task and Graphic utilities …

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Comono Benefits

Benefits  The following summaries the benefits. It reduces development time by simply providing various utilities that help to simplify various programming task. Proven and time test libraries. Optimized implementation for most of the functions. Smaller footprint, light weight, easy to use.  [pb_builder]

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Comono Features

Features Logger API – Standard features provided by log4j Logging Level & Categories File Rotation Mutiple appenders XML Parser & Manipulation API – Uses Xerces XML parser implementation Parse the Document with & without validation Find Nodes & Attributes Build DOM Tree (Uses StringBuffer) Exceptions representing xml handling errors Exception, …

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Comono Project – Java Utility API

Project – Comono Comono is a collection of general purpose utilities for Java. These are reusable code snippets/components you would most likely need in every Java project. Comono is used in various other Livrona projects and can be used in any other custom projects & applications. Comono API The Comono …

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