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Snoop MDB Java

The message driven beans are consumers of JMS messages. When message is received from the queue, we can find out a lot of details about the message. The following snippet of MDB tries to find out like name, id , destination , type etc. <!

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Cactus ClassFormat Issue in Tomcat

Cactus Framework helps with Server Side Testing and is an extends JUnit (Unit Testing Framework). Depending on the version of the Cactus and JDK used you can possibly get the following exception when you run your test case. Issue 2010-05-19 10:15:36,836 ERROR[main][org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase.[jboss.web].[localhost].[/]] -Exception starting filter FilterRedirectorjava.lang.ClassFormatError: Invalid index 0 in …

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Weblogic Server – Issue – To many open files

Normally any application server will require tuning and at times we tend to run with out of the box configuration and things run fine for a while. However when the load/traffic increase on the system the server would need to be tuned to scale otherwise you might see issue like …

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Hermes JMS Setup Common Issues

Hermes JMS is a great Open Source JMS Client application to browse and manage JMS messages across topics and queues against a variety of Application Severs including Weblogic App Server. The installation is very straight forward, however below are some of the common issues that one might face while trying …

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