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What webservices standards are supported by Siebel Business Applications?

The following Web services standards are supported by Siebel Business Applications:     * Web Services Description Language (WSDL) 1.1    * Web Services Security (WS-Security) based on the clear-text UserName Token mechanism. For information, see the following:          o About WS-Security UserName Token Profile Support          o     * Web Services Interoperability …

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Missing license file for: WebLogic Platform 8.1

Issue java.lang.RuntimeException: Missing license file for: WebLogic Platform 8.1         at         at         at<init>(         at         at         at<init>(         at         at         at         at         at         at         at com.tests.SSLTestForDB.processInputStringWithWLS(         at …

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How does a typical Log4j configuration looks like?

Answer Log4J is a very popular and commonly used logging implementation that is used in the Enterprise or Server Side Application. Log4j can be configured via a properties file or an xml file. The below is an example of configuring Log4j using a properties file. Generally for simplicity the file …

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Error – Remote side declared peer gone on this JVM

Issue When trying to sent a JMS message to a remote Weblogic Application Server the following Exception is raised: 2011-11-29 09:42:00,512[Thread-7]DEBUG RequestSender -Releasing resources2011-11-29 09:42:00,512[Thread-7]DEBUG ChargerPinger -method : void pingPortalServer()2011-11-29 09:42:00,518[Thread-7]ERROR PortalJMSSender -Error during portal queue t3:// Bootstrap to failed. It is likely that the remote side declared …

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