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Weblogic Connection Pool Leak Issue

Issue ####<Jun 7, 2011 6:58:18 AM PDT> <Warning> <JDBC> <localhost> <portalServer> <Finalizer> <<anonymous>> <> <BEA-001074> <A JDBC pool connection leak was detected. A connection leak occurs when a connection obtained from the pool was not closed explicitly by calling close() and then was disposed by the garbage collector and returned …

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What are Trust Managers in Weblogic Server?

Trust Managers The Trust Manager provides a way to override the default SSL trust validation rules. It allows the server to decide whether or not it trusts the client that is contacting it. Using a Trust Manager you can perform custom checks before continuing an SSL connection. For example, you …

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What kind of security features are provided by SSL?

SSL Features Generally, SSL provides the following: A mechanism that the communicating applications can use to authenticate each other’s identity. Encryption of the data exchanged by the applications. When SSL is used, the target (the server) always authenticates itself to the initiator (the client). Optionally, if the target requests it, …

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What are the steps for setting up digital certificate?

A Digital Certificate identifies a person or a company. Digital Certificates are used in variety of places today. For example, for securely transmitting messages, it must be signed with a certificate(key) so that can be only read by the intended recipient or used to verify that the message really came …

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