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How to enable voice over in Mac?

enable voice over mac

The voiceover in Mac provides spoken and brailled descriptions of items on the Computer screen. To toggle VoiceOver on or off use the Cmd + F5 key combination. The following are the steps. Launch the System Preferences App via Spotlight. Click on Accessibility icon. Enable Voice Over by turning on …

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What is a materialized view?

A “regular” view is a virtual table representing the result of a database query. Each time the view is accessed, the RDBMS must run the query to produce the result set for the view. A materialized view is similar to regular view, except that the results are stored into an …

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How to install wget in Mac OSX?


wget is a great and simple command line tool that you can use to download a file (image, gz, binary etc.) that is located some where remotely on a web server. e.g. you can see how wget is used below to download an image from a web server. man-mini:~ mvohra$ …

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