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What is a materialized view?

A “regular” view is a virtual table representing the result of a database query. Each time the view is accessed, the RDBMS must run the query to produce the result set for the view. A materialized view is similar to regular view, except that the results are stored into an …

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How to find out MySQL database hostname in Godaddy Shared Hosting?

Locating Your Godady Database’s Host Do not use “localhost” as the hostname for your database-driven websites on shared hosting accout. Once you have successfully created a database, your host name displays on the Database Information page of your hosting Control Panel.To Find the Host Name for Your Database  1. Log …

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How to find out if mysql table is crashed?

Answer Mysql logs information about table crash, error etc. in its log file. Depending on your install this log file could be in /var/log/mysql or some other place. So check out mysql.log and if you see entries like table marked as crashed, then login into the mysqladmin console and repair …

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How to repair table marked as crashed in MySQL?

MySQL is a very common choice for webmasters and is pretty good and stable database. At times if the database is not shutdown cleanly (due to machine reboot etc.) it can leave the database in an unstable state. One of the very common symptoms is where it would say that …

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Compare On-Disk v/s In-Memory Databases

We all know and have used regular databases like Oracle, Mysql etc.. These are what we called On Disk Databases where all the time data is persisted in an external storage ( usually a disk drive). However there exists a different type of database architecture called as In Memory. As …

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