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How to list disks information in Linux?

In order to check the disk in the system we can use the List Hardware (lshw) command. So run this command via the terminal, you must be logged as root or sudo to root before you run this command. root@livrona:~# lshw -class diskPCI (sysfs)    *-cdrom                        description: DVD-RAM writer       …

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How to check if a port is open using Terminal in Unix?

There a couple of ways to find out. 1) Using telnet to find if port is open on a remote/localhost using the command as: telnet hostname portnumber If a port is open then there would be some output on the terminal other wise it would say connection refused or something …

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How to install CVS Server in Ubuntu?

CVS is a very popular version control system used by developers. The installation and setup is straight forward. For the installation you need to able to logged into the server via terminal and can sudo to root user in order to be able to install the required software packages. Installation …

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SELinux does not allow Apache to use Sendmail

SELinux is activated and configured by default. As such  SELinux does not allow Apache (httpd,phpmailer) to use the sendmail function and make any sort of network connection. Using the getsebool command we can check if httpd demon is allowed to make a connection over the network and send an email. …

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How to setup wget on a Mac OSX?

Answer wget is does not come installed on Mac OSX by default, however curl is. So when you run wget from the command line you get the following error: mymac:tmp mvohra$ wget-bash: wget: command not found What we can do is create an alias calles as wget and point it …

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