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Free Font for Programmers

Picky about font, esp. the programming font.The fonts available on windows are still OK but if you using Linux desktop the font’s selection is limited and crave for better free fonts.Don’t worry you are in for a treat. These monspaced fonts look great on any OS. Check it out. See …

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How to view a gzipped file without extracting it?

Let’s say we have a compressed file in the gzip format and we want to view the content of the file, search a string within in etc. as if it was not a compressed file at all. One way ofcourse would be gunzip it and then view the contents with …

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What is dev/null?

In Unix-like operating systems, the various devices in the computer are referenced via /dev/sda(Hard Drive), /dev/cdrom (CD Drive) etc. But there is a null device (referenced via /dev/null) which is a special file that discards all data written to it (but reports that the write operation succeeded), and provides no …

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What are standard process streams?

A program, on execution may need input from the user via some input device like keyboard, mouse etc., it may also need some output medium (like screen etc.) to display or send some information messages as well as some medium to output error & other fatal information, as such a …

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What is Nohup and how is it used?

nohup is a Unix command that is used to run another command while suppressing the action of the HUP (hang-up) signal, enabling the command to keep running even after the user who issues the command has logged out. The question that comes to mind is can SIGHUP (hangup signal) be …

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