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What are the Well Known Ports?

The Well Known Ports are those in the range 0–1023. On Unix-like operating systems, binding a communications socket to a port in this range requires administrative/root privileges. The following is the list of such ports. 7/TCP,UDP   Echo     20/TCP         FTP – data     21/TCP         FTP—control (command) …

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Well kown IO Ports

The following flashcards helps to learn the various well know ports (ports < 1024) that are use in by various applications and services. At times we struggle to remember these, now with these flashcards learning becomes easy. WARNING! You must use a Java enabled browser to operate these FlashCard lessons. …

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Runtime Jar File Loader

Normally all the classes we need to run a java program are packaged in the jar files.These jars are added to the classpath by the JVM which loaded them as required. What if we want these jars to be added at runtime instead of startup? This snippet shows how the …

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