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How do you launch Windows in Safe Mode?

Is your Windows computer not starting up normally? Is it crashing on startup? May be you installed some new hardware or program recently which is causing your Windows OS to become unstable and crash. Luckily there a way you can try to login and fix the fault causing component. Windows …

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How do check your DNS Server in Windows?

Answer Do the following: * Click on Start button > Settings > Network connections * Double click on Local Area Connection * Click on Properties button * Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) * Click on Properties button and Look for Preferred DNS Server [pb_builder]

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How to flush your DNS cache in Windows?

Let’s say you moved your website from one IP to another and kept the domain name same.You did this change via Control Panel of you Hosting Provider say Normally it takes some time for this change to propagate through or at times it can be longer. Windows XP would …

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