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HTML5 specific new tags

The web has significantly evolved during the last years. Blogs, social networks, and web-based applications are some modern applications of the Internet that were never even imagined when the HTML 4.01 specification was released in 1999. Basically, what HTML5 adds compared to the previous specification is a brand new set …

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What are the various HTML Entities?

HTML Entities HTML has some special reserved characters e.g. < , > etc. that have special meaning and thus cannot be used freely in the document. But what if we have to display an > or < in the page. For that we can use an corresponding Entity to tell …

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How do create multi select checkboxes in HTML?

Let’s say you have html form where in you can accept multiple values for a same field and the GUI has to be presented as a series of checkboxes the user can check/uncheck. This is done  by using the array index operator ‘[]’ to the name attribute of the checkbox …

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Coolest Things in HTML5

HTML (hypertext markup language) is very used markup language for the building the web pages. Currently we are using version 4.x of this great language. HTML 5 is the next revision of the HTML language that promises to change the the way we look at HTML. Google and Apple in …

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