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How to retreive web page contents using Ruby?

This script retrieves the content of url and dumps it to the output . Example copy this script into file named : get_page.rb #!/usr/bin/ruby require ‘net/http’ host,port,url = ARGV http =, port) STDERR.puts “url {#url}” response, data = http.get(url) puts data Usage ruby get_page.rb <host> <port> <url> The url …

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How to redirect page to another url using Javascript?

Sometimes we have to redirect a page to another location. This can be achieved by using Javascript window.location method in the HTML page  using the following snippet. This script can be added anywhere on the page, however as a best practice it should be added at the beginning of the …

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Coolest Things in HTML5

HTML (hypertext markup language) is very used markup language for the building the web pages. Currently we are using version 4.x of this great language. HTML 5 is the next revision of the HTML language that promises to change the the way we look at HTML. Google and Apple in …

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