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How to initialize Yii for development environment?

mini:yii2 user$ pwd /Users/user/workspace/projects/web/root/yii2 mini:yii2 user$ cd apps/advanced/ mini:advanced user$ ls -lt total 80 -rw-r–r– 1 user staff 1622 May 21 21:47 -rw-r–r– 1 user staff 5616 May 21 21:47 drwxr-xr-x 11 user staff 374 May 21 21:47 backend drwxr-xr-x 7 user staff 238 May 21 21:47 common …

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What are the various Helper classes provided by the Yii ? There are several classes provided by framework: ArrayHelper Console FileHelper Html HtmlPurifier Image Inflector Json Markdown Security StringHelper Url VarDumper What is difference between Component and and Object? Classes of the Yii framework usually extend from one of the …

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How to setup pretty urls in Yii?

For web applications, the bootstrap file is typically index.php. The same is the case of Yii framework too. The following snippet can be added to apache.conf or defined in .htaccess depending on your hosting setup. This redirect rule convert the routing patterns into pretty urls. RewriteEngine on # prevent httpd …

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What are the various alias used in Yii 2.0 ?

The following are the various alias used by the Yii Framework. These alias simply programming as the full path or value represented by the alias does not need to be typed again and again along with that if needed these alias can be changed in a single place. @yii – …

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Howto disable MAMP PHP script cache?


MAMP 2.2 uses OPCache to cache PHP scripts. So if you make a change to your PHP script, and execute the script in the browser, you will not see your change right away. Looking at the OPCache configuration in MAMP (as defined in php.ini), the cache timeout interval is set …

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