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Check if Mysql table exists using Php?

At times we want to find if a tables exists in a database.The snippet below shows how this can be done. It open a db connection or reuse an already db connection, then selects the given database and finally executes a sql to find out whether the table exists or …

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Display Random Quotes on Website using Php

Some website display random quotes to its visitors on various pages. The following snippet shows how to display a random quote(when ever the function is invoked) out of list of quotes that are pre populated into the arrary. As a further extension the quotes can be loaded from a newline …

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How to change Logging Level in Php?

At times you don’t see any messages in the log file or you see a blank page instead of output or you only see fatal or critical errors but not  information or notice messages etc and you may wonder why. This is because PHP has so many log level. What …

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