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What are the various Helper classes provided by the Yii ? There are several classes provided by framework: ArrayHelper Console FileHelper Html HtmlPurifier Image Inflector Json Markdown Security StringHelper Url VarDumper What is difference between Component and and Object? Classes of the Yii framework usually extend from one of the …

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What are the various alias used in Yii 2.0 ?

The following are the various alias used by the Yii Framework. These alias simply programming as the full path or value represented by the alias does not need to be typed again and again along with that if needed these alias can be changed in a single place. @yii – …

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What is the structure of a PHP Program?

Program Organization is key to readability, ease of debugging, few bugs, simplicity and more. As such each of your scripts should be very organized into consistent logical zones. The following board shows the 4 logical zones that you should consider when writing a PHP script. <!

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How does fopen function work in PHP?

fopen() Function The fopen() function opens a specified file or URL for reading and/or writing. The syntax of fopen() is fopen(“filename”, “mode”) To open a URL, use http:// or ftp:// at the beginning of the file name string. If the file name begins with anything else, then the file is opened from the filesystem and a file pointer …

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