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Howto disable MAMP PHP script cache?


MAMP 2.2 uses OPCache to cache PHP scripts. So if you make a change to your PHP script, and execute the script in the browser, you will not see your change right away. Looking at the OPCache configuration in MAMP (as defined in php.ini), the cache timeout interval is set …

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How to disable comments in all WordPress pages?

Disable Pages Comment in Wordrpress

By default the comments are enabled on the WordPress pages. Let’s say you want to disable the comments box on all the pages because you don’t any discussion on these pages or you are getting SPAM comments. Out of the box, WordPress does not offer a toggle or checkbox gui …

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How to create nosiy captcha using RMagick?

 require 'Rmagick'    class NoisyImage    include Magick              attr_reader :code, :code_image    Jiggle = 15    Wobble = 15        def initialize(len)      chars = ('a'..'z').to_a - ['a','e','i','o','u']      code_array=[]      1.upto(len) {code_array << chars[rand(chars.length)]}      granite = …

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