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What is Google Chrome Book?

GoogleChrome is a computer(notebook) to be offered by Google. The only thing it has is a web browser, from which you will be able to access your email (from Gmail or other online mail services), calendar (Google calendar), documents (most likely from Google Docs)  and any other web-based service. This …

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What is the best day to blog by PageViews?

Pageviews is a very important factor directly defining the traffic a website receives. The higher the pageviews, the more visitors come to the site or are reading more pages. However not all days are the same for an pageviews perspective that an new blog post may see once posted. The following …

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What is the best day to blog by Social Shares?

Every since Social Websites like Twitter, Facebook have come mainstream for social sharing, it imperative that bloggers should tap into these social communities. There are millions of users using these on a daily basis which can share or like your blog content and make it reach to a wider audience.  The …

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How do you find IP address for a Hostname?

Answer The nslookup command is the simplest way to it find out. The nslookup can be run at the terminal or command line using the following syntax. nslookup <hostname> Example Let’s try to find the IP address of website mymac:~ mvohra$ nslookup Non-authoritative    canonical …

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How to embed Youtube Video using from flashvars using HDFlvPlayer?

Snippet The following snippet shows the HDFlashPlayer embeding a YouTube video into HTML using the FlashVars. It assumes the the flash player is located in hdflvplayer/hdplayer.swf relative to the page where this script is going to be run from. <div name=’mediaspace’ id=’mediaspace’> <script type=”text/javascript”> var s1 = new SWFObject(‘hdflvplayer/hdplayer.swf’, ‘player’, …

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