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Comono Project – Java Utility API

Comono Project Java Utilities APIProject – Comono

Comono is a collection of general purpose utilities for Java. These are reusable code snippets/components you would most likely need in every Java project. Comono is used in various other Livrona projects and can be used in any other custom projects & applications.

Comono API

The Comono API Stack contains the following components and more…

Comono Java API Stack

Logger API – Provides logging capabilities and uses Apache Log4j as logger implementation.

XML Parser & Manipulation API – Provides XML parsing and manipulation capablities and uses Xerces XML parser implementation.

Exception, Error & Assertion API – Provides Exception,Error and Asserting capablities.

Security API – Provides Encryption and Digest Generation Functions.

Emailer API Provides Email capabilties with attachments and uses Java Mail and Activation Framework.

Utility API – Provides String Manipulation Utilities,Console Reader,File Handling Utilities,Date Manipulation Routines,Property Reader Interface, Caching etc.


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