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[Errno 13] Permission denied: when installing CherryPy Python Framework

Common Issue


mvohra$ python installrunning install
error: can’t create or remove files in install directory

The following error occurred while trying to add or remove files in the
installation directory:

    [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/test-easy-install-34206.write-test’

The installation directory you specified (via –install-dir, –prefix, or
the distutils default setting) was:


Perhaps your account does not have write access to this directory?  If the installation directory is a system-owned directory, you may need to sign in as the administrator or “root” account.  If you do not have administrative access to this machine, you may wish to choose a different installation directory, preferably one that is listed in your PYTHONPATH environment variable.

Please make the appropriate changes for your system and try again.

mymac:CherryPy-3.2.2 mvohra$


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