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How to enable Web Developer Menu in Safari?

safari enable web developer

The web developer menu provides very important set of tools for any web developer. To turn on the developer menu in Firefox do following steps. Go to Preferences Menu for Safari, Click on the Advanced Icon on the right, Select the checkbox : Show Develop Menu in menu bar. Once …

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How to go to a specific folder in Mac Finder?

finder goto folder mac

To open a specific folder in Mac, click on the Go Menu in the Finder and then click on the Go to Folder submenu. Then type or paste the full folder path and press Go. The shortcut for the same is :  Shift + Cmd + G.

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How to enable voice over in Mac?

enable voice over mac

The voiceover in Mac provides spoken and brailled descriptions of items on the Computer screen. To toggle VoiceOver on or off use the Cmd + F5 key combination. The following are the steps. Launch the System Preferences App via Spotlight. Click on Accessibility icon. Enable Voice Over by turning on …

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