Working on CVS BranchWorking on CVS Branches is as easy as working on the head, however it can be a little tricky first time. The following would help you get comfortable starting on working in a CVS branch.

First of all checkout the branch with this command:

cvs  checkout -r <branch-name> <project-module-name>
cvs  checkout -r branch-1_1 livrona

Here -r implies the branch name. The contents of the module would be check out for the branch as specified in the command above.

Once the branch has been checkout, let's say you want to update the branch from your repository:

cvs update –r <branch-name>


cvs update -r branch-1_1

You can also use below option to see only the modified files:

cvs -q up -PAd -r branch-1_1

Adding new file to a branch:

cvs add <file-name>


cvs add

Commit the added file using branch tag:

cvs commit  -r <branch-name>  -m “<Checkin message>” <checkin-filename>


cvs commit -r branch-1_1 -m "Test Class"

Commit a existing modified file to the branch:

cvs commit  -r <branch-name>  -m “<Checkin message>” <checkin-filename>


cvs commit -r branch-1_1 -m "Added new method"