How does Load Balancer Work?Load Balancing is very much essential to handle large incoming traffic and even out the response time as much as possible. The load balance can be software or hardware based. The following are a few load balancer strategies that are commonly available.<!>

Load Balancing Strategies

• Round Robin

In Round Robin mode each server in the system gets equal number of request. The load balancer keeps on passing on the request to next server from the last as defined in a circular fashion. This strategy works best when all the servers or equipment has very similar processing power.

• Least Connections

Least connections mode is relatively simple in that the  system passes a new connection to the node that has the least number of current connections. Least Connections mode works best in environments where the servers or other equipment you are load balancing have similar capabilities.

• Fastest Response

Fastest mode passes a new connection based on the fastest response of all currently active nodes. Fastest mode may be particularly useful in environments where nodes are distributed across different logical networks, or where the servers have varying levels of performance.