What is CPNI?

CPNI stands for Customer Proprietary Network Information. CPNI is confidential information about a customer's purchase and use of telecommunications services, such as:

•         Where, when, and with whom a call takes place (call detail records).

•         The types and amount of telecom products and services a customer buys.

•         Location information  that identifies the physical location of the customer’s mobile device.

•         How much a customer uses the telecom services, for example, minutes of use.

•         How much a customer is billed for the services, for example, invoice information.<!>

How to protect sensitive customer data ?  

•         Customer information, including hard copies, must be secured at all times. Safeguards include password-protected computers and mobile devices, encryption, locked cabinets and briefcases, limitations on access for those who “need to know,” and appropriate record keeping or auditable data systems or processes.

•         Restrict e-mail distributions and file shares/directories to a need-to-know basis.