create website - successFinally the success factors.

There are lots of factors that would play an important role in your success. The following are the few to look at.   

  • Time  - The more time you put in your site, the better.
  • Money - You need this to promote or market your site to increase traffic or need to provide for you daily operations cost etc. Keep in mind if you want to make money from you site, you have to balance out as what you spend.
  • Team - Having a team to do the same job can easily outperform the work done by an individual. So start thinking if you can expand from one to two or more.
  • Idea - The Idea is key here, you have to have a clean vision or perhaps refine your vision as you go along.
  • Content  - You would have heard "Content is King" and that even true today. However now it means unique content to be precise available to be consumed at the earliest.<!>
  • Competition - You need to understand that space you are in is full of big fishes that are out there. So you need to keep on your toes delivering new/best/lots of stuff in order to survive. You snooze you loose.
  • Niche - The niche you work in (the demand) and the audience surrounding it dictates your scope of success to large extend just because without consumers(users) the producers (you) don't stand a chance.
  • Problem Statement - Just like Idea is the key, do you know that problem you are trying to solve is real? Most people fail as they are trying to solve something that not a problem to begin with.
  • Presentation - Like it or not, people like pretty faces, so you need to make your site slick and focus on making your site friendly and usable to your maximum.

    Website Success Factors

As you start doing it , you would learn more of such facts and most importantly how do you tune each one to get the best. Keep in mind each of these are related, so if you increase one the other may decrease, so an optimal balance is required.