App Rejection Reason

Appstore Reject - IAP Set to ConsumableWe found that the Purchasability Type for one or more of your In App Purchase products was inappropriately set, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

Your IAPs are set to Consumable.


However, based on product functionality, it would be more appropriate to use the Non-Consumable In App Purchase type. Non-consumable products are only purchased once by users and are always available on all devices that are associated with that user's iTunes account.

For more information about Purchasability Type, please to refer to the iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

The Purchasability type cannot be changed once an In App Purchase product has been created. Therefore, you will need to create a new In App Purchase product with the correct Purchasability Type. To create a new In App Purchase in iTunes Connect, go to Manage Your In App Purchases, select your app, and click "Create New". The current product will show in iTunes Connect as "Rejected".<!>


Review your App in Purchase offering and see if they truly should be Consumable or Non Consumable based on the below guideliness. If you think based on your business model and product offering it makes more sense that your IAP to be Consumable, appeal to the reviewer (At times the reviewer is not able to full grasp your product and its offering) so try to work it out with the reviewer or if needed reach out with the Apple Review Board. Generally the App Review Board stands on the decision of the Reviewer. On flip side you can review if IAP can be non-consumable and if yes, follow the above suggested steps and submit your app for review again. All the best.

Apple Guidelines to classify App in Purchase offerings:


A consumable In-App Purchase must be purchased every time
the user downloads it. One-time services, such as fish food in a fishing
app, are usually implemented as consumables.


Non-consumable In-App Purchases only need to be purchased
once by users. Services that do not expire or decrease with use are
usually implemented as non-consumables, such as new race tracks for a
game app.

Auto-Renewable Subscriptions

Auto-renewable Subscriptions allow the user to purchase
updating and dynamic content for a set duration of time. Subscriptions
renew automatically unless the user opts out, such as magazine

Free Subscription

Free subscriptions are a way for developers to put free
subscription content in Newsstand. Once a user signs up for a free
subscription, it will be available on all devices associated with the
user’s Apple ID. Note that free subscriptions do not expire and can only
be offered in Newsstand-enabled apps.

Non-Renewing Subscription

Non-Renewing Subscriptions allow the sale of services
with a limited duration. Non-Renewing Subscriptions must be used for
In-App Purchases that offer time-based access to static content.
Examples include a one week subscription to voice guidance feature
within a navigation app or an annual subscription to online catalog of
archived video or audio.