How to create a website?Let's see what where you thinking so far. Say you have all the skills & resources we talked earlier and have the hunger to achieve as well. so the question is what is your definition of success?


<!>There are different measure for success. So depending on your reason & goals for website as you identified in earlier sections, choose the following measures.

The following are some of website sucess metrics :

Website success metrics

  • Traffic Rank - What should be your Alex Rank or Compete Rank?
  • Revenue - How much revenue or profit should be generated?
  • Sales - What kind and how much of sales should happen?
  • Page Views - How many pages are served each month?
  • Site Popularity - How much people, businesses etc. know about your site , services, product etc.?
  • Leads  - How many leads and lead conversions should happen?
  • Custom - Define your own measures of success.

If you want to make money, that might be hardest of all. Success does not happen over night. It take a lot to succeed and I would say 3-4 years is a reasonable time to start expecting return on your investment.  There are no quick Rich Schemes, so do not expect that to happen here and if a blog/company offers simply deny it.

Look at the chart below it shows a plot of Success v/s Years it took for website to become successful.

Look at year 3-4, this is what can be called as break even point from where all the defined success metrics start to be fulfilled. And finally look at year 4-5, this is where really you start making money or are at the pinnacle of success.

Now that all need time, patience and hard work on your part to wait for that long to reap the benefits. In reality a large number of people would give up before they see success. Look at the chart below, it shows  how the number of Active Sites shutdown or become stagnant over time.

Clearly most would give you before 2 year spam, and a huge number would become stagnant in less than a year. Site that stays active for 2 years have a greater chance of success in upcoming years.

Not to worry if this all seems a bit fuzzy, we are review this in detail in latter part of the tutorial, but for now just understand that it takes time, planing, hard work to be successful. Read on..


                                                                        Before you Begin Find a Niche