Random Quotes in PHPSome website display random quotes to its visitors on various pages. The following snippet shows how to display a random quote(when ever the function is invoked) out of list of quotes that are pre populated into the arrary. As a further extension the quotes can be loaded from a newline delimited file (one quote per line) or from a database and then stored into global variable array which can be passed into this get_random_quotes function to get the next random quote.

 * This simple snippet can be used to display
 * a random quote.

 // define an array that lists out the quotes

'Enjoy Life',
'A liar always a liar',
'Nature learns',
'Live long',
'God is truth'

function get_random_quote($quotes)

// generate a random no between 0 and size of quotes array -1
// as the index starts with 0
$random_no = rand(0,sizeof($quotes)-1);

// get the quote corresponding to random no generated
$quote = $quotes[$random_no];

return $quote;	

 * Usage
echo get_random_quote($quotes);