Solution Basically if you forgot the 'admin' user password of the your PHPMotion website. Most likely you would have to reset it by updating it to a new password in the database(Mysql) itself. Assuming you have access to the database you can update it to new password using any Database clients tool like PHPMyAdmin or WebMIN or via a hosting control panel provided by your web host or even from terminal if you can have ssh into your server etc. MD5 Hashed Password -PHPMotionPHPMotion stores the information about admin users in a tabled called as 'admin'. The admin table has several user attributes related fields along with username and password field. The username field value will be 'admin' and password field value is the password of the admin user is not stored in plain text but MD5(hash) for security reasons. So we need to compute a MD5 hash of the password that you want to use for the admin user. In order to get the MD5 value of plain password, there are lot of web base MD5 generator tool/scripts avaiable. Search on Google as "MD5 generator" and you will see a lot of these. The website that I used to compute the hash can be found here. For example If you wanted to change the admin password to 'iloveit'. Using the above website tool it will compute the MD5 hash as shown below. MD5 Hashed Password Generator If you know SQL then you can execute the following command to set the new password as: update admin set password ='YOUR MD5 Hash Password goes here' where user_name='admin'; In my case the hash for password 'iloveit' was 'f0f81024e4e07e0c2307f4c0468b8f86' as shown above. update admin set password ='f0f81024e4e07e0c2307f4c0468b8f86' where user_name='admin'; If you don't know or are not comfortable with SQL, then using the PHPMyAdmin tool you can click on 1st row of the admin table which should have the username as admin and then update the password and save the record. No SQL know how needed here. That's it, now you should be able to login to your PHPMotion website as admin with your new changed password.