In Memory Databases FeaturesThe following are the features of a Solid DB, one of the fastest in memory databases.

In-memory, relational database

–solidDB keeps data in main memory at all times rather than on disk (data is still persistent)
–Applications can take advantage of its capability through standard ODBC, JDBC, SQL interfaces.<!>

Instant failover

–solidDB maintains two copies of the data synchronized at all times
–In case of system failure, applications can recover access to solidDB well under 1 second without loss of data.


–solidDB can be deployed in a client/server configuration, or as a linked-library embedded in the application


- Micro-second response times
- Extremely high transaction throughput
- In-memory database can provide 10x performance of a disk-based database even if the disk-based database is fully cached in memory!


-Administration free.