Comono Java API Features Features

Logger API - Standard features provided by log4j Logging Level & Categories
File Rotation
Mutiple appenders

XML Parser & Manipulation API - Uses Xerces XML parser implementation

Parse the Document with & without validation

Find Nodes & Attributes

Build DOM Tree (Uses StringBuffer)

Exceptions representing xml handling errors

Exception, Error & Assertion API

BaseException as base class for all Commons Exception
ExceptionData and ExceptionDetail objects (provide more detail about exception) are accessible via BaseException accessor methods
Assertion Checking for Pre-Condition Validation

Emailer API - Uses Java Mail and Activation Framework Provides capabilites to send email with or without attachment

String Library

String Repalcement & Search Functions

Convert Library Provides various data type conversion functions

Date Library

Provides date and time manipulation and formatting Functions

File Library

File reading and writing Functions

Util Library

File Property Reader provides functions to get and set properties
Global Cache provides application level cache
Console provides functions to read and write from console