How to use Google Analytics in iPhone This SDK provides developers with the capability to use Google Analytics to track iOS application usage. The SDK is packaged as a set of header files and a static library. Get started by adding the header files from the Library subdirectory (GAI.h, GAITracker.h, GAITransaction.h, and GAITransactionItem.h) and libGoogleAnalytics.a to your XCode project. You must also include the CoreData framework in your project. To use a version of the library with debug symbols intact, link against libGoogleAnalytics_debug.a instead of libGoogleAnalytics.a.  This may be useful if you experience exceptions or crashes originating in the SDK.

Tracking ID

You will need a Google Analytics tracking ID to track application usage with the SDK. It is recommended to create an account for each set of applications that are to be tracked together, and to use that account's tracking ID in each application. To create a new tracking ID, go to your admin panel in Google Analytics and select "New Account". Under "What would you like to track?", choose "App" and complete the remainder of the form. When you are finished, click "Get Tracking ID". The tracking ID will be of the form "UA-" followed by asequence of numbers and dashes.

User Awareness

You must indicate to your users, either in the app itself or in your terms of service, that you reserve the right to anonymously track and report a user's activity inside of your app.


Tracking information is stored in an SQLite database and dispatched to the Google Analytics servers in a manner set by the developer: periodically at an interval determined by the developer, immediately when tracking calls are made, or manually. A battery efficient strategy may be to initiate a dispatch when the application needs to access the network. Tracking information is dispatched using HTTP or HTTPS requests to a Google Analytics server.  


Mac OS X 10.6 or later. XCode with iOS SDK 4.0 or later (iOS SDK 5.0 or later is required to build the included example application).  


iOS 4.0 or later. Your app must link the following frameworks:   CoreData.framework   SystemConfiguration.framework Library/ (contains header and library files to compile and link with) GAI.h GAITrackedViewController.h GAITracker.h GAITransaction.h GAITransactionItem.h libGoogleAnalytics.a libGoogleAnalytics_debug.a Examples/ (contains an example tracked application) Documentation/ (contains documentation) For more details refer to Google Analytics Developer Guide.