Let's say you moved your website from one IP to another and kept the domain name same.You did this change via Control Panel of you Hosting Provider say Godaddy.com. Normally it takes some time for this change to propagate through or at times it can be longer. Windows XP would remember your old IP. So when you type in domain name in the browser it either says page not found (if old server is no longer there or listening) or shows you the old site.<! Rebooting will flush your cache but there is an easier way. Open the command Prompt via Start-->Run and type in "cmd" the box, it will open up the command prompt. Type in: ipconfig /flushdns

DNS Cache Flush

Now go ahead and enter your domain name in your browser and you should see your site being served from the new IP, provided Global DNS change has taken place. Else for the mean time you can add an entry in your computer to map the new IP to your domain Name.

Go to this folder C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc using Windows Explorer. Open the file hosts using notepad Add an entry into this file to map you new IP to hostname

<IP Addres> <hostname> e.g.  www.java4learners.com

Windows Hosts File

If the dns change has propagated you can delete this entry later or comment it out by adding a # in the beginning of the line. #  www.java4learners.com